Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Great Outdoors

#Instacamp Week 2 -- The Great Outdoors

These are the pictures I took throughout the week for #instacamp's prompt: Sunshine.  #Instacamp is a photo prompt from Chookooloonks featuring photos captured on cameraphones, running all summer long!

There are some mandatory summer activities in the great outdoors.  This is one. 

Perfect gradient of sky colors.  
(This photo had the privilege of being featured on Chookooloonks' blog for #instacamp Week #2 here.  Scroll down to the last picture.  I was surprised, flattered, and honored!)

 (As a side note, the above picture's title was inspired by a gradient colored cake I made last month; see the resemblance?):

Looking up at the sky through fresh, new tree leaves.

Oxymoron? Christmas tree on a summer day.  Only in the great outdoors.

We all like critters like this one to like to stay in the great outdoors!

Another sunset, but laced with cotton candy.

A gorgeous summer meal with great friends in the great outdoors.

There you have it.  Week #2 of #instacamp on the #greatoutdoors.  Stay tuned for week #3's prompt out on Monday.  Check here!  Happy Snapping!

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