Friday, June 1, 2012


Above is my collection of #photoadayMay photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim.  Below are the prompts for #photoadayMay:

Here are my blurbs for each day:
  • Day 1, peace: peace sign.  (This was easy: Dear Daughter's clothing and accessories are filled with peace signs; this one is on a bag given to her as a gift.)
  • Day 2, skyline: view from backyard.  (Tree-lined sky, nothing spectacular.)
  • Day 3, something I wore today: my agate bracelet.  (I've had this bracelet for decades; I couldn't wear it during childbearing years, so I'm glad that it fits again!)
  • Day 4, fun!: making words.  (New set of magnetic letters for Dear Son to help with his phonemic awareness.)
  • Day 5, bird: goose a-honking.  (Could NOT snap a picture of a bird for the life of me; they're too quick and far away.  This goose was sitting in our backyard, and I chased him a little.)
  • Day 6, me: self-portrait.  (This mirror shot took about 20 takes.  We all know how much we hate our own pictures, right?)
  • Day 7, someone that inspires me: Itzhak Perlman.  (I love the violin, and I adore his talent.)
  • Day 8, a smell I adore: Pleasures by Estee Lauder.  (My all-time favorite perfume.)
  • Day 9, something I do everyday: coffee -- my Daily Dose of Happy.  (Coffee can probably be used for more than half the prompts here.)
  • Day 10, a favorite word: 'Dear'.  (This picture inspired the new banner for my Letters of Muse blog!)
  • Day 11, kitchen: cookie cutters.  (I got a few comments about being organized for this picture.  Um, it's called 'deliberate placement' and not 'spontaneous photography'!)
  • Day 12, something that makes me happy: watching the kiddos 'go!' on wheels.  (But it was might hard to fun after them and snap a picture!) 
  • Day 13, mum: my niece's new sibling is in there.  (Wherein I announce my new status as an Auntie again!)
  • Day 14, grass: where it shouldn't be.  (Guess what's on my to-do list?)
  • Day 15, love: LOVEd making this gradient layered cake.  (It was both beautiful and yummy!)
  • Day 16, what I'm reading: library picture books, of course!  (I read far more picture books than books for my age.)
  • Day 17, snack: my pick-me-up on-the-go.  (Favorite liquid snack.)
  • Day 18, something I made: knitted boy socks.  (DS only wore this for one season before growing out of it, sadly.)
  • Day 19, a favorite place: for us, the library.  (Especially the animals section!)
  • Day 20, something I can't live without: that thing on my lap.  (This is the first thing Dear Husband said when I announced the prompt; I hate it when he's right.)
  • Day 21, where I stand: in the SHADE, of course!  (Do you know my love-hate relationship with sunscreen?)
  • Day 22, pink: geraniums for the garden.  (Just brought home these to plant in the garden.)
  • Day 23, technology: my thumb at work.  (Wherein I can turn on the ceiling fan without moving one inch from my bed with 'that thing on my lap' still in its place; win-win.)
  • Day 24, something new: a new rose bud.  (My roses are in bloom!)
  • Day 25, unusual: my thriving crack pansy.  (It is on its fourth flower now!)
  • Day 26, 12 o'clock: noon-ish.  (Like my atomic clock?)
  • Day 27, something sweet: Dear Daughter's birthday cupcakes.  (With her signature color, of course.)
  • Day 28, the weather today: glorious.  (Windy, but glorious.)
  • Day 29, a number: 2, corn seeds that germinated.  (This actually prompted a scream out of my mouth when I saw them; DS and I planted them hoping to see corn trees grow this summer.)
  • Day 30, my personality: "sweet and sour" says The Hubs (that's short for 'Hubster'; I had to explain that to my own DH, who wondered why he was plural.)
  • Day 31, something beautiful: a cluster on my best rose bush.  (Love, love, love my roses!)

I very much enjoyed this month-long challenge, and will be moving on to #photoadayJune:

Thank you, Fat Mum Slim, for hosting this fun challenge and showing off everyone's creativity!


  1. What a great set of pictures--looks like you had a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks, Rachael! I sure did have fun, and learned a lot along the way. Thanks for taking a look at the pictures!