Sunday, July 1, 2012


Above is my collection of #photoadayJune photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim.  Below are the prompts for #photoadayJune:

Here are my blurbs for each day:

  • Day 1, Morning: I woke up to the fragrance of newly bloomed jasmine flowers. 
  • Day 2, Empty: Getting there.  (Eye shadow palette.)
  • Day 3, On your plate: cherry crepes.  (Yum.)
  • Day 4, Close-up:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
  • Day 5, Sign:  Through the trees.  (This is my least favorite pic of the month.  I later saw a sign of a mama duck and baby ducks behind her for 'Duck Crossing', but was not able to get a pic of it.  Boo.)
  • Day 6, Hat: My summer best.  (Crocheted twine hat from our trip to the Bahamas.)
  • Day 7, Drink: Crystal clear water.  (Nothing but the best.)
  • Day 8, Six o'clock: Pavement people.  (The kiddos and me.)
  • Day 9, My view today: Riding down the word's steepest and shortest railroad at Fenelon Place.  (Interesting train car on stairs.)
  • Day 10, Best bit of my weekend: Road trip!  (My view for a few hours.)
  • Day 11, Door: Le Garage. 
  • Day 12, From a low angle: Stadium lights.  (On the Field of Dreams.)
  • Day 13, Art: An unfinished pair of knitted viking socks.  (Dunno if I'll ever finish this...)
  • Day 14, Time: On my hand.  (Always wish I had more.)
  • Day 15, Yellow: A couple of future tomatoes.  (Grow, tomatoes, grow!)
  • Day 16, Out and about: Scooter time!
  • Day 17, In my bag: A safe place for my third child.  (Bluey Bear.)
  • Day 18, Something you don't know about me: I read this book back in college and very much enjoyed it.  (Don't remember much of it anymore.)
  • Day 19, Imperfect: A begonia flower on the decline.
  • Day 20, Fave photo I've ever taken: on the Field of Dreams, but you already knew that.
  • Day 21, Where I slept: Um, that's MY pillow!
  • Day 22, From a high angle: Picnic on the driveway!  (Another play date, another picnic.)
  • Day 23, Movement: My niece twirling in her birthday princess dress.
  • Day 24, On my mind: An icy drink on a hot, summer day.  (First time I had a strawberry lemonade Icee.)
  • Day 25, Something cute: Freshly baked brownie bites. 
  • Day 26, Where I shop: Where I don't have to leave the house.  (Or get out of my PJs.)
  • Day 27, Bathroom: Both a sanctuary and a bitch to clean. 
  • Day 28, On the shelf: 'We be dangerously low on the whites' says Dear Husband.
  • Day 29, Soft: Toesies!
  • Day 30, A friend: is someone who gifted this to me.  (Thank you, BFF!)

Onward I go to #photoadayJuly:

Thank you, Fat Mum Slim, for hosting this fun challenge and showing off everyone's creativity!


  1. Love your collection of pictures. I'll hope to be able to do a post like this next months!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Susi, and I hope so, too! Check out Printsgram to do a static thumbnail sheet if you'd like!