Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My collection of #photoadayJuly photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim.

1. Self portrait: Profile shadow good enough?
2. Busy: My busy summer bees while I crack the whip.
3. Best part of your day: Morning cuppa joe.
4. Fun: Can you hear the squeals already?  Perfect for this scorching hot day.
5. On the floor: Boy toes and girly toes.
6. Chair: My favorite stool.
7. Garden: This is what I call 'progress'!
8. Lunch: Dim sum and then some.
9. Big: Cloud Gate, aka The Bean, at Millennium Park.
10. Your favorite color: Lilac sky.
11. Letter: An anniversary letter, a few years ago.
12. Texture: Layers of it!
13. Open: My afternoon snack, and, subsequently, my mouth.
14. Building: The Willis Tower, aka The Sears Tower.
15. Finger: Spinning the windmill at Windmill Island Gardens in Holland, MI.
16. Sign: Um, we're gonna be here awhile...
17. Your addiction: My Better Half finds me the best coffee in the area while on vacation!
18. Plate: I know what you're wondering, but the prompt is 'plate'.
19. Animal/insect/pet: My pet turtle, Tucker.
20. Eyes: 'Cause I can't see a thing without these.
21. 9 o’clock: PM, in the passenger seat.
22. Upside down: Hopscotch, anyone?
23. Mirror: A bean mirror.
24. A stranger: There is for sure at least one up in there!
25. Heart: Mine was bursting, at this place, watching these two peeps.
26. Sunshine: From Millennium Park.
27: On the road: Literally.
28. Cup: The good ol' Dixie.
29. Last thing you bought: Coleslaw for a picnic because I was too lazy to 'homemake'.
30. Calm: Friday movie night.
31. Toothbrush: How badly does my $$$ brushhead need to be replaced?  Cheapskate.

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  1. Wonderful and random! Thank you for sharing this month :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to take a look, Braintomahawk! I attribute the randomness to the prompts, but they are fun! I apologize for the small pictures, but this is the easiest way to share a month worth of pictures.

  2. Love it. I feel so bad for not keeping up with it. trying again this month... wish me luck! :)

    1. Good luck, Susi! But don't feel bad. You can always just do the days you like, too. I'm wavering on whether or not to continue photoaday; I may decide to post random pictures of my own. Dunno. But thanks so much for taking a look here!