Monday, October 1, 2012

Reds, Oranges, Yellows

It's here!  Fall has begun painting my world in colors of Reds, Oranges, and Yellows!  For my peeps who do not get to see these splendid colors in your part of the world--whether you are in a city or a desert--I'd love to share some gorgeous Fall Colors with you!

We can tell by the appearance of the hastiest of leaves.

One leads the way, and the rest will follow.

  The Reds

The bold crimson of a leaf...

Is intensified on a giant tree.

The full, bright reds of a burning bush...

Explode on rows in tufts of scarlet.

The Oranges

The enormity of this tree is accentuated by its spice orange.

 Leaves of glowing warmth and flaming cinnamon...

Look even more spectacular up against the sky.

"Fall in a parking lot, orange in a tree."

The Yellows

The sight of a glorious yellow tree...

Is almost as magical as a tree of gold.

Set against the blue sky is splendor before your eyes. 

"Fall in a field of wild flowers."

Fall in the Sky:

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!!! And the captions almost read like a poem! You are very lucky to have such wonderful fall colors in your area. We will get some of those colors, just not nearly as abundant as you seem to have.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! This was one of the perks of making the move from city to suburb, and the abundance is quite breathtaking! We are going on a nature walk next week, so I'll be snapping away again! Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Fall!

  2. OMG... love,love,love. I so miss seeing that. As much as I love living in Florida I'll always miss seeing the leaves change!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

    1. Hi, Susi! We take what we can, right? You have your beach and I have my fall colors. Too bad mine is not year round like yours! I'm glad you liked the colors--I thought some peeps would miss seeing the magic of Mother Nature in this department!

  3. These are gorgeous, Sandra. :) Happy Autumn.


    1. Thank you so much, Imelda! More to my reply via email...

  4. Wow, I love the colors here! I especially like the ones with the sky in the background. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures (and for letting me know you posted them.

    I've got plans this weekend that just might provide an opportunity to capture some colors of my own...maybe :)

    1. How exciting, Janna! Did you take a trip to a less desert-y place? We drove down south this weekend and there's a ton of trees here, but they haven't begun to turn colors yet since it's so warm here. I'm looking forward to seeing your pics, too!

  5. I love it. You have so many more colors by you than what we do by me. I need to plant some red trees. I LOVE those. And the orange is gorgeous. We have way too many of the boring brown in my neighborhood. But it's still fun to rake and jump in them! Did you get any of those gorgeous leaves with your kiddos in them, too?

    1. Yes, I really wish we had a burning bush or two, too. The colors are so vivid and gorgeous! All the trees up there are from my neighborhood, EXCEPT the orange one. Shhh... that one's from the library! The huge, stunning one right at the entrance. I wonder how much thinner it is now already. Yes, I'll have to get the kiddos with these colors before they all go away. We're planning on hiking at the local nature trail soon! Thanks, Michelle!