Thursday, November 29, 2012


She thinks it's fun to mop,
He thinks it's cool to swiffer,
They think chores are groovy,
I would beg to differ.  

So I oblige my kiddos
And delegate the work.
They laugh through their jobs,
While I enjoy my perk.


  1. Our children are similar ages - this time is great because they love to clean. Get it all done now while they are willing - these days will pass by quickly and then we'll be in a whole new place :)

    1. My DD thinks it's "fun" to unload the dishwasher and put things back to place. I LOVE that. Too bad she's not home when I need that done more often. :) So now I figure, better DS do an okay job on swiffering than I have no time to do it at all. Works out well!

      Many years ago, when DD was a toddler, we went to Pottery Barn Kids and I noticed something really interesting. In the play kitchen, all the toddlers and preschoolers where taking all the play food OUT of cabinets and into shopping carts. But all the older kids (8-10ish) were busy putting play foods BACK into the cabinets in an orderly fashion. Kids are fascinating. DD is less opposed to "cleanup time" now that she makes it into a sort of play, and lures DS to do it with her. I love it!

      Thanks, Cindy!!

  2. Good for them. Let them work while they find work to be fun. Win-win all around. :-)

    1. I agree, Imelda! Sometimes I wish I was still a child so I can find chores fun, cuz they are NOT. Not by a million mile stretch. I finished my chores today, so here I am rewarding myself with blogging time. ;) YAY!