Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted!

I got this sticker weeks ago, and I was so proud of having gone to Early Voting that I had to plaster it all over social media.  I still have the sticker stuck onto my hoodie, one side of it curled up and not sticking anymore.  I haven't been able to get myself to throw it away.  Perhaps I'm hanging onto it, subconsciously, until the election is over and the message on that piece of worn sticker will become meaningful again in another four years.

When it comes to politics, I admit that I am so very biased and opinionated and stubborn and inflexible.  I scoff, dismiss, roll my eyes, and refuse to try to understand something with which I just cannot identify.  While these are not exemplary qualities nor behavior that I'd like my kids to learn, I still stand by my extremely obdurate mind.  Because-I'm-a-grownup-so-there-ha!

But it is really because I have fundamental beliefs that cannot be altered.  These beliefs are what makes me, well, me.  I stand by them and will always advocate for the notions with which I believe will make our nation a good place to call home.

I find myself very anxious about the election result tonight.  I hope to see a clear result.  If not, at least I had my say when I cast my ballot and voiced my choice.


  1. I haven't thrown my sticker away either. I can't. It was my first time voting and I want to save a tangible piece of that. I tried to go for early voting but the lines were so long. On Tuesday I breezed in and out!!!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS on your first voting experience, Susi! I would keep that sticker in a scrapbook if I were you!! I actually counted, and this was my 6th presidential election vote. Oh, and come to think of it, my sticker just went through the wash. Oooops. I'm glad you were able to get in and out on Voting Day!