Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pearly Whites Frights

Bright light in my eyes,
Two feet in the air.
Lone mouth open wide,
Death-grip on the chair.

Pointy, curvy tools,
Spraying cold water.
Scraping, tugging force,
Hello plaque slaughter.

Yucky numbing gel,
Giant needle, ouch.
Grinding, buzzing sound,
Damn right I'm a grouch.

Cannot feel my cheek.
Drooling on one side.
Come back in six months,
Just shoot me, I sighed.

Guess whom I visited today?  Worse, it was not for just your ordinary semi-annual cleaning, but a deep cleaning.  Shots, numbness, and ultrasonic cleaning deep below the gum line.  Are you wincing yet?  Apparently I have significant bone loss from grinding and clenching my jaws during sleep.  It has been slowed down from wearing a mouth guard, but x-ray shows continued bone loss.  Cleaning the bacteria between the gum and teeth is supposed to prevent further bone loss and/or stimulate bone and gum regrowth.  I white-knuckled it all the way through.  It has got to be one of the most uncomfortable places to be and most unpleasant experiences to have. 



    Oh, Sandra, I completely empathize with dentists and white knuckling it. Incidentally, I could actually smell the dental office about halfway through, so effective writing for sure!

    As for the clenching: I, too have that problem. Some days, I wae up and my jaw aches horribly from being clenched so tight so long. I only seep an average of 4-6 hrs each night, so I cannot even imagine how it is after a full,

    Glad to hear 6 months, though.

    My hubby has a certifiable panic attack regarding dentists.

    1. I tried to keep my mind off all that racket going on in my mouth by writing this in my head. It only worked a little. I asked my dentist if I could take some anti-anxiety med for the procedure, and he kept telling me that I won't need it. I was REALLY nervous. So I can relate to your poor hubby. Now he wants me to get another kind of night guard--a soft one--that will provide shock to all the clenching. Which means more $$$. Sigh. Thank you for understanding and your kind words, Kim. This made me feel better. :)

  2. Ugh - I had one of those last year. OWWWW. Take some pain reliever today, you will be sore. I, too, am a clencher - daytime, night time. I have to really pay attention to it and I catch myself doing it all the time - was just doing it now.

    1. I'm not glad that you've experienced this, Cindy, but I am glad that you know how I felt. I was so grouchy that day that I had myself a pity-party with chocolates. I know--not the smartest thing to do after a dental visit, but oh well. My clenching was so bad that I had to get the night guard. It helps with preventing jaw pain, but apparently not bone loss. I'm too young for such receding gums! What does that say about the three of us--all clenchers? :) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I hear yah! :-) Being on a dentist's chair is one of the most uncomfortable position there is - can't swallow, cant talk, mouth getting tired and all. :-)

    1. And the fear of pain! All those sharp instruments in your mouth, and I've experienced a slip or two in there! Once I had a cough attack and it was just not pretty. I came home and told my kiddos practically horror stories to get them to keep up their dental hygiene practices. I'm so mean! :) Thanks for your comments, Imelda!

  4. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry you had to go through this! Anytime I need work on my teeth, I always tell myself, there HAS to be a better way to do this! I HATE sitting there with my mouth opened as wide as it can go and they want me to open my mouth wider! It's not possible! Just break my jaw and then have your way with my teeth! :( I hope you feel better and that in 6 months you will see forward progress!

    1. Unfortunately, the worst isn't over just yet. My gums are tender and swollen, and it's so annoying. I better feel well enough for that Thanksgiving feast, is all I'm sayin'! Thank you, Cassie; I'm so glad you understand!