Tuesday, November 13, 2012


There once was a turtle named Tucker,
Whose owner was a a well-known sucker.
   She'd spent a pretty penny,
   To keep him happy as any,
And once a month she'd surely wear a pucker.

Four years ago, we illegally bought a baby turtle because Daddy couldn't say no to his little princess as a pet.  It was about one-and-a-half inches long and came home in a 4" x 6" little plastic carrier.  Little did we know that it probably carries salmonella so the kids cannot handle it, nor that it would grow up quickly and require a massive tank, a basking lamp, a UV lamp, a water filter, and a water heater, among other things.  Hundreds of dollars later, the only assumed "owner" of the turtle spends over an hour each month cleaning out the tank.  The only interaction she gets from the turtle?  Constant pleading for food.  Did I mention that she's a sucker? 


  1. That's one animal I Know we won't get... ever. Hubby got salmonella poisoning from a yellow bellied slider once and vowed never to get one again. We have a big enough zoo as it is! :)

    1. So sorry to hear about hubby's salmonella poisoning, Susi! That's why I have to handle everything. I'm not sure if I can handle too many furry animals, so this one reptile will do. ;)

  2. Aw...children getting tired of their pet and letting me pick up after them was the reason I vetoed many of their pet requests. (in addition to me being easily yucked out by ahem...slimy, wet, reptiles. :-P ) Though we relented and let them have an aquarium. After the initial excitement, the older kids are kinda sorta lazy taking care of the fish. One day, the fish did not get their food - the children blamed each other and neither wanted to feed the fish until we made them do so. Now, they had a lesson in responsibility or two.

    Anyway, after my long story....

    It seems though that you have grown attached to Tucker. All's well that ends well, as the Bard said. :-D

    1. I wonder how you picked up my attachment to Tucker (through all that sarcasm)? :) You are right, though! He's all mine. I don't say "our" pet, I say "my" pet.

      It's a hard-learned lesson, but a good one for the kids. Still, a lot of work for parents. But I think it will come full circle when our kids become parents!! :)