Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ten Years


"One, two, three--pinch.
That's it!
You're good for
Another ten years."

Ten years?
That's the year 2022!
Let's see...
In a decade, 
Dear Daughter will be 
Probably away
In college,
All grown up,
All womanly.
Dear Son will be
Living that awkward
Half-boy half-man's
Days, weeks, months.
Dear Husband and I 
Will be faced with another 
Decennial milestone--
Probably chugging along,
Still tooting our horns
For our kiddos
While feeling those ten years
In our bodies, minds, souls.

Or, none of this--
What I imagine--
May be in ten years.
Life may throw a curve ball
And things may be 
Better, worse, 
Fuller, emptier, 
In color or sepia.
My mind wonders and
Wanders until I feel
Suddenly strange to have
Skipped all these years
In just seconds
While the flash of pain
Lingers in my heart
And in my left deltoid muscle
That will ache
For one too many days.

(Are you up-to-date with your tetanus shot?)


  1. Pure awesomeness. I have done this line of thought and come to the same conclusions. It's neat to read it though from someone else's head.

    1. Thank you, Cindy! It's so scary, isn't it? At one point that day/decade will be upon us, and I hope that I won't wonder what happened to the last ten years. I think back ten and realize how young and obnoxious we (DH and I) used to be. At least age is making us hopefully a little wiser and more purposeful with our actions?! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh boy, reading this made me think ahead... again. I often find myself watching the kids and wondering what will be in 5, 10, 15 years.

    1. So true, Susi! And then there are times when we think back, and wonder where the time went! Ahhh, time is such an unforgiving thing!! Thank you for following my NaBloPoMo!

  3. Haha! I love this post! So creative! And yes, I'm up to date on my shot, but only because I had a baby last year ;)

    1. I could swear that I had one when DS was born 5 years ago, too, but my healthcare provider cannot find records. So... another pinch to be safe. Thanks, Cassie!