Monday, March 11, 2013


Here is week 2 of #fmsphotoaday March 2013:

4. Lucky: free child labor. 'Nuf said.

 5. Under: new orchid buds hiding beneath extravagant,
shielding flowers.

 6. Chair: swingin' my blues away!

7. Fear: has taught me to never get burned again by
scalding hot coffee.

8. Favorite: his favorite snack and pre-consumption
compulsion only a mama finds endearing.

9. Faceless self-portrait.  (I just found out that the phone's
volume buttons snap pics. Where've I been?)

 10. I want...: I don't get the addiction to claw machines, but
she succeeds on her first try after numerous attempts by Daddy.
Of course he claims to have "loosened" the pile for her.

In case you missed it, here are pics for Week 1.  I'll be back next Monday for Week 3 pics!
I'm linking up with Bocafrau's Picture Perfect Weekly #10:


  1. Sandra, love your beautiful long hair and the orchids are so pretty. I've never been good at growing them. And I'm sorry I haven't made it over here earlier. Have a wonderful week. Also, I'm thinking about discontinuing Picture Perfect Weekly and renaming it Sunday Snapshots or sth like that. Not many people link up but I'd like to keep sharing my pics even if it's just for myself. Any suggestions?

    1. Thank you so much, Susie! My orchids have been with me for about six years--as old as my son! I think it's great that you will keep sharing your photos. I will link up as long as I have pics to share, but you know me--I'm sporadic with the pics. Sunday Snapshots sounds good, too! Are you considering discontinuing the linkup?

  2. Sandra, it's never free child labor as far as our own children are concerned. ;-) But but, having said that, kudos to your child for helping out.

    I agree with Susi that your hair is pretty. I have always wished to have great hair. I have come to terms that hair is not one of the gifts given me. ha ha ha
    Really, your daughter wins from those booths! that's the first time I learned one actually wins against the claw.
    And by the way, how did you get scalded by hot coffee? Oh my - rub some ice cube on that scalded skin. :-)

    1. I thought it was so funny with the claw machine. My DH has a vendetta against them. He can usually get something after a few tries, but not this time. DD swoops in and strikes gold!

      The coffee burn was from a new machine, and I forgot to lock the carafe lid. I'm all healed now, but man, do burns hurt!! I will NEVER make that same mistake ever again!

      (I'm growing out my hair... it's a pain sometimes, though, and usually warmer weather will make me want to chop it all off.)