Monday, March 25, 2013


Here is Week 4 of #fmsphotoaday March 2013:

18. Shoes: cannot *wait* to ditch these; is it spring yet?

19. A sign: that Spring wants to arrive but Winter
does not want to leave (yes, those are emerging
tulips *and* snow in the background).

20: Clean: the only time I lift weights is when I remove
these purdy little dumbbells to clean the dust from
underneath them.

 21. Working: on drawing the Pigeon. #mowillems

22. About me: literally, *and* my new favorite show,
catching up from season one.

 23. What I do for fun: movie on big screen, popcorn,
candy, and oh, a pair of 3D glasses. #thecroods

24. Up: guess where we went today?
#germfest #handsanitizeme #chuckecheese

Here are the pictures for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.
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I'll be back next Monday for the last week of #fmsphotoaday March 2013.

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  1. I don't envy you the boots. Seeing all the snow pictures makes me really happy my parents decided on Florida when we came here from Germany! Hope Spring settles in very soon. My girls want me to take them to Chuck e Cheese sometime this week - since we have Spring Break! Thanks for linking up!!! :)

    1. I'm hoping we're done with the snow as of yesterday. You can never be sure around here, though! So now it's Pic Wrap, and you're still hosting the linkup, yes? :) I have one more week of #fmsphotoaday left! Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. #20 The weights made me laugh so hard I might have peed a bit...because I can totally relate.
    #21 The Pigeon is a favorite of ours right now. My little girls love him.

    1. Oh, and as for Chuck E Cheese, my little ones believe that it's only in the summer (he hibernates in colder weather) and we only go on their birthday. Now the only challenge with that is my oldest keeps hinting that we've been lying to them all these years.

    2. #20 There once was a day when those colorful dumbbells were put to good use, and I even worked up to the manly-looking 5 pounders, haha. I laugh at myself every time I clean that area. But I figure, I'm cleaning and sweating and working up my heart rate... Okay, it was worth a try.

      #21 Have you seen this Pigeon activity book? It's a huge book of cute and fun activities your girls might love! We found it on

      Don't blame you on Chuck E Cheese. We used to get sick every single time we went in the winter. We stayed away for a while, but this was a play date with 3 yo cousin, and we'd do just about anything for her. :) Your oldest might just spill the beans one day, but the little girls will understand, when they are PARENTS. :)